There is a problem with owning a boat.
Boat owners spend huge amounts of time and money with an asset they barely use. Boats are driven only a fraction of the time. Often times they are many miles away and sit idle waiting for their owner to get away for vacation.

VacationCaptain is a social boat sharing service.
We enable boat owners to safely rent out their underutilized boats to a social community. You will be able to rate your experience after each use to ensure only quality experiences.

Imagine being on the lake this weekend, or having your monthly payment made.
At vacation captain, your dream becomes a reality. No matter where you are located you can come here to find boats at great rental prices

Rent a boat from people like you.
Owning a boat is a lot of work, and joining a boat club is expensive. We have reasonable hourly and daily rentals. Browse all sorts of boats shared by people like you.

Earn money renting your boat.
Share your boat and earn money while you’re not using it. Sharing it just a couple times could cover your monthly payment

Beta Launch Plans.
Our team is rigorously working to launch mid summer of 2011

Drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.


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